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This is my page of fanart, which mostly consists of Sailormoon, and I will accept art from other series as long as there is no nudity. I want my site to remain family-friendly! The most recent additions will be at the bottom of the page, and I am also trying to shrink some of the largest file sizes for those of us with slow modems.

Princess Kakyuu - 125K

Sailorjupiter - 76K

Sailorsaturn - 82K

Sailoruranus - 76K

Sailorneptune - 77K

Sailorpluto - 108K

Goku, charging up a Genkidama - 130K

Sailormars - 130K

manga-style Sailormoon - 86K

Super Sailormoon - 68K

Eternal Sailormoon - 86K

Sailor Chibimoon - 77K

Sailor Chibichibi - 59K

Princess Kakyuu - 82K by Elizabeth B.

Sailor V and Artemis - 52K by Elizabeth B.

Sailormercury - 93K

Sailorvenus - 86K

a sketch and the actual picture I used of Hotaru - 46K

Presea from Magic Knight Rayearth - 81K

my final project from ART 111 - a sketch of Kenshin - 60K

Sailorsaturn, swinging her Silence Glaive - 38K by Kitty

Naota from Furi Kuri - 122K by P@trick

halfway chibi Miroku from InuYasha - 189K by P@trick

Sailormoon turns rebellious at 21 - 168K by Sag Arthur

Tuxedo Mask turns rebellious at 21 - 173K by Sag Arthur

Shippo from InuYasha - 39KB

Usagi and Tuxedo Kamen falling - 184K by Kitty